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Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.

- Von R. Glitschka

Website Maintenance
Services for existing sites

dreamLogic provides comprehensive maintenance contracts for your existing web site. Packages for most web sites start at $75.00 per month. Contact us to discuss your project.

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Dressed for Success
dreamLogic is a full service web design firm.

If you are considering hiring a web developer, we invite you to call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will tell you what to expect, and what to watch out for - even if you don't hire us.

The design and development services we provide include:

Website design and redesign of existing sites
Project development and consultation
Data-driven web sites and applications with PHP and MySQL
Custom content-management and interface programming
Search engine optimization
Internet marketing
Domain registration and web hosting
Website maintenance for new and existing sites
Corporate branding, logo design and web integration
Web porting to mobile devices
Streaming media integration

What Makes Us Different

At DreamLogic, we perform comprehensive testing on our websites and backend interfaces to ensure that they will look and function consistently across all major platforms. The code that we write is thouroughly validated at the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to confirm compliance with current web coding standards.

When you hire us to build your website, we will handle everything to make your site launch a successful one. We register and configure your domain, hosting and email. In addition, we perform preliminary Search Engine Optimization functions such as submitting your business to Google Places, sending Google a well-formed Sitemap and setting up site Analytics software so you can get details about the traffic visiting your pages.

Our clients are given the option of retaining our services on a monthly maintenance contract for a nominal fee. This means, that when it comes time to update or add information to your site, you won't have to hunt us down to get the work done. You send us your updates throughout the month, and those changes will be in place within 7 days. Guaranteed.

The Development Process
What to expect when beginning or expanding your web site

If you are considering a new website project, or expanding on your existing site, it is important to know what to expect. The steps below provide a generalized overview of the process, but may help you to understand and prepare.

Initial Consultation
The developer will discuss with you - in person or over the phone - the concept, scope, and goals for your project. Depending on the type of project you are initiating, the developer may do a preliminary site audit (reviewing the current state of your website) and create a report. For new websites, your designer will create a set of mockup designs, and a design proposal. If no further research is required, you will be quoted a price for the development of your project in the documents we will present you with.

Project Initiation
In your project proposal, we will provide you with a prospective timeline and cost for development. Milestones in the project will be established, and these will be consistent as long as the scope of the project remains within the terms outlined in the proposal. At this point, we will begin the actual design or development of your site. If applicable, we will register your domain name, and set up any affiliated web hosting and email accounts. A deposit is due at this time.

Client Review
Milestones can vary greatly depending on the nature of the project. Once development begins, we will generally have a client review of the design progress once a milestone has been reached. It is important to us that we meet your expectations, so we will consult with you periodically to confirm that you are pleased with the execution of your concept.

Testing and/or Benchmarking
Once the project reaches a stage where user testing can begin, we will launch a development version of the website on our servers to be evaluated in a live environment. SEO projects will be benchmarked at this stage to determine and measure progress.

After testing, your site will be launched so it is live on the web. You will be instructed how to use any custom features if neccessary. We will discuss with you options for ongoing maintenance of your website. The balance of your account is due at this time.

We won't abandon you after your site has been launched. Your developer will contact you within a month of your site launch to confirm that things are working correctly and fulfilling your expectations. We will answer any questions that you may have.

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