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What is HELP Law?

We are a law firm that specializes in protecting homeowner's rights. You need a lawyer on your side to explain the ways in which your lender may have acted illegally, educate you on your rights, and that will have the power to force your lender to listen. We will educate you on the issue of securitization and how your lender may have lost their ability to bring any legal action against you.

How do we HELP?

  1. Asses your loan documents and current mortgage statement(s) for potential violations by your lender.
  2. Sign an engagement letter and other documents to get your case started.
  3. File your case in the appropriate federal court within 15 days - GUARANTEED.
  4. We remain in the fight until we secure an outcome that works for you.

If you have tried to communicate your situation to your lender or mortgage servicer, you have likely learned that they do not seem to have the homeowner's interests at heart.

Instead, they have turned the forclosure process into a business. Let HELP Law explain and defend your rights!

Foreclosure Madness

Lenders, and the forclosure machine that supports them, steamroll right over property owner rights; illegally forcing individuals and families to give up their property. The only way to stop these illegal tactics is to force lenders into court and compel them to prove that they have a lawful right to the property. And, in most cases- they don't!

How we can HELP!

We have the litigation experience, the intellectual property, the information management systems, and the operational expertise to know how to best determine whether you have a case against your lender and servicer.

How we HELP you afford our service
We recognize that many people are struggling through these tough economic times, and often financial struggles are the reason you need HELP. We have worked to design our compensation in a way that makes our world-class legal help affordable and manageable.

First- We require only a reasonable engagement fee that covers the cost of our legal work and expenses. This will be all you are required to pay out of pocket - even if we are forced to go to trial! The balance of our payment comes after settlement, when we will share a small percentage of the amount you save. If we aren't successful, we don't get paid. If you win, we win!

Second - If the engagement fee is still too much, we have arranged a financing option to lessen the burden on you even further. Click here for details.

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