Download sample contracts and forms and get information about our Financing options. Right-click and choose 'Save As...' to save PDF files to your computer.

Sample Contract for Example Only [PDF]

This sample contract is for explanation of the contract only. The actual contract will be sent after the Finance Company receives the other documents.

This is a sample contract with fictitious names and sample amounts. Every customer must make a down payment, and the remaining balance will be financed in five (5) equal payments. 6% interest is being charged to this loan and there are payment processing fees, and NSF fees applicable to borrower during the term of the financing.

There must be thirty (30) days before the first payment is due on these contracts, usually rounding payment dates (when accounts will actually be debited) to the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. If payment day falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment is moved forward, ie: Payment date actually on the 13th will move to the 15th, if 15th is on a Saturday or holiday it will move to the next business day which a debit can occur.

Down Payment Authorization [PDF]

This form must be used when a customer is using his/her credit card to make the down payment.

Use Horizons "Make a Payment" online for immediate acceptance of credit card payments. Simply follow the online instructions for submission of payments.

Make a Payment at Horizons Finance.

If the down payment must be split onto a few different credit/debit cards, please do each transaction separately. Authorization is immediate, so you will know if a transaction has gone through.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. (Remember AmEx only has 15 numbers, all others have 16.)

Debit Authorization Agreement [PDF]

The Debit Authorization Agreement designates exactly how each of the five (5) monthly payments will be made. Please fill out this form and pick an option. If credit or debit card is preferred, select which type and fill in the information. This must be filled out even if it is the same card used for the down payment. If a checking account is preferred, it should be a personal account. If it is a business account, proof must be provided to show signing authority. A voided check must be attached if this option is selected.

Borrower's Personal Information [PDF]

This is a very brief and abbreviated application information form, similar to a credit application, although credit will not be pulled for approval of this finance process. We DO reserve the right to pull credit and other information in the event of a default or other claim which we deem necessary for further investigation. This is for protection in the event it is needed. Therefore ALL named parties must sign this form.

In brief:
  1. Borrowers complete information for financing (Borrower's Personal Information PDF)
  2. Review the sample contract, a) 6% interest b) Five (5) payments. (Contract for Example Only PDF)
  3. Secure monthly payment method for five (5) payments (Debit Authorization Agreement PDF)
  4. Make a down payment using the following link if necessary: Horizons Finance Payment Page and the (Down Payment Authorization PDF)

All completed and signed forms must be sent to For expediency the forms can be scanned and emailed to HELP Law or faxed to
(801) 930-5498.