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"...It was amazing. Our teacher was so sweet and really cares about the self-esteem of women. On the other hand I've never laughed so much, had so much fun, or hung upside-down so much in one night... at least not since I was like 10 years old. If we ever do it again I am for sure going. That was seriously the funnest event I've been to... bring on the classes."
Salt Lake City Mommies Group

"I thought I knew it all when it came to men, but after Nicole's Lovemaking 101 class, I know so much more! Every woman should know these secrets."
M.S., 29

Embrace all of
Who You Are

The Goddess Arts Academy combines sexuality, self-esteem, and health in classes for women to expand their whole being. Our mission is to teach women to love, honor, and become the goddess within.

"I want to help women tap into their inner goddess. To look past the societal idea of flaws, to truly see and bring fourth our eternal beauty. To embrace our sexuality and no longer shun our desires. All the while learning to truly love ourselves, and creating a space to love all people in our life. Learning that every form and expression of love even sexual love is an expression of god."

The different goddess parties and workshops are suited to women of all backgrounds to help them think and feel beautiful. Students gain knowledge about their attractiveness and begin to understand what that does to the energy they bring into their life. The benefits of an improved self-image overflow into all aspects of life, from the bedroom to the office. Nicole says, "these classes are suited for all women. Whether you choose to do the pole dancing, self esteem or better sex lessons, there is something for everybody."

Goddess Arts Academy

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