Nicole DeVaney
our founder

As a yogini, paraglider, and firedancer. Nicole has lived her life full of fiery passion. She places her heart in the palms of the universe and trust in this beautiful gift of life.

Twice a national and international cover model, single mother, and founder of Goddess Arts Academy, Nicole has truly tapped into goddess energy.

Through her career in exotic dancing and activism she has learned to embrace her sexuality and transform certain social taboos into positive experiences.

Nicole feels her calling is to inspire women to experience their own inner love and sensuality.

"I hope to create healthy self images, more meaningful relationships, better sex lives and to open people's minds and hearts to the beauty they already possess."


A trilingual ex break-dancer and rapper, teacher, political worker and future lawyer, who clearly realized that her life had never been complete without a pole addiction.

Born and raised in the southern part of Russia, she could have never imagined that her abiities to inspire people and her upbeat approach to life would find realization and acknowledgement across the ocean.

Being a child of a fashion designer and a businessman, she has inherited the passion for life and fortitude to everlasting development. She is always striving for self-awareness and nurturing a versatile personality in her own self.

Through pole dancing as pure art, not just fitness, she has obtained new talents and blossoming spiritual growth that she now wants to share with other goddesses and lead them to the way of self-realization, harmony, and beauty.


Our pole dancing instructor Jayda, born and raised in Salt Lake City, has been passionate about pole dancing from the first day she hopped on the pole. She loves the experience of teaching women and sharing her talents.

Besides pole dancing Jayda has been involved in hula-hooping and is attending collage for personal training and massage therapy. She loves spending her free time outdoors as much as possible and traveling to new places.


A Russian Goddess, Katherina, whose American story has started a few years ago, when life brought her to the New World in pursuit of her dreams...

Her journey in the world of dance has started with choreography lessons when she was six. But the discovery of pole dancing became a whole new chapter in her life.

"In pole dancing, everything depends on your desire and determination; not on your age, or strength, or flexibility. Luckily, life has brought me to the Goddess Arts Academy, and in this atmosphere, of love, inspiration and energy, pole dancing has become much more than a hobby; it has become a very important part of my life. If I ever had to move somewhere else in the world, (as has happened in my life before), the very first thing I would take with me would be my lovely Goddess family... people who are making this place what it is today."


Welcome to the Wonderful life of Mandy. She is an amazing young woman. "Why so amazing", you ask? She is a spiritual being living a human life. It's great! She loves learning about health and healing, science, botany, chemistry, art, and love. She loves to read, write, dance (she'll sing ,when no one is around). Most of all she loves to love, she loves her family, friends, dogs, nature and all of life. She is odd at times but, you can't expect an artist such as herself to be completely sane. Yes, she herself does expect perfection, but she has learned to accept imperfections. As you may notice.

Mandy has recently became a part of the Goddess Arts Academy school. You know that school she had dreamed about? A place where we all can learn to follow our own heart and dreams. A place where it is not only OK but necessary to be your own individual self. Learning to manifest your peice of the puzzle out into the world. Fit your unique shape into the big picture of life. A place to love, play and grow.

Mandy has not yet determined when or what she will contribute to the Goddess Arts Academy (other than her famous "Sweet Relief" pain relieving oil), she just has too many choices and can't yet make up her mind. Mandy does know that the Goddess Arts Academy will continue to blossom with a wide variety of loving teachers and classes. Eventually, when we gather enough of the required teachers, we will be able to offer youngsters an alternative way of learning for earning a High School diploma or G.E.D... Yes, it may be a few thousand steps away but, Mandy is a Big dreamer. In case you were wondering, Mandy lives in Midvale Utah and she will be 25 years old on June 3rd. Thank you all for your interests and love for Mandy and her art.


Steven is a man with a strange brew of a life experience. His childhood was spent playing with his three older sisters and their dolls, along with lazy days of reading chic magazines. Later in life he would find that the tricks he learned to make up and cover reality would lead him to a life of self-abuse.

A change in Steven's consciousness occurred when he realized that although he was only twenty-something he was physically in worse shape than most people in their forties. If he was going to live a long happy life he had better do something quick. Thus began his yogic and alchemical studies, which led him to discover the body's natural ability to self-heal.

After years of personal development Steven regained his health. He learned how to enjoy living instead of struggling to live. Personal study and application of the systematic law of learning taught him to incorporate healthy living ideas into his daily life. He found a new zest for living and decided to pursue his dreams.

One of his aspirations is to influence the masses with bright ideas and philanthropic endeavors. Remembering his fondness for the stage in earlier years he decided to stop serving his full-time corporate job and start a business in the arts. Through his acting and photography ambitions Steven developed a need for skin care and makeup training and pursued this through Mary Kay.

A conflict arose when Steven discovered the health concerns surrounding the self-regulated cosmetics industry. He had given products containing industrial chemicals to his mother for Christmas thinking that they were the most refined products for her to use. A few weeks later he discovered the risk of parabens and their link to breast cancer. Steven's mother had a breast removed due to cancer and this information caused him an overwhelming feeling of guilt. He immediately called his mom to talk about the situation and figure out a remedy. Through months of research Steven found a line of natural lavender skin care products that have increased his mother's life enjoyment.

Now you will find Steven pursuing his raw food diet. He's so passionate about this that he decided to develop an aquaponic micro-farm while using vermiculture to compost raw kitchen waste for outdoor garden beds. In addition to the best home grown food this endeavor will allow him to create his own high vibe skin food. Steven will tell you that you are what you eat and that you're even more so what you put on your face... and drink lots of living water.

How is a man a Goddess? It's our opinion that all creatures possess both male and female genders. These genders are polarized to different degrees within each Human. Steven beleives the Earth is too far polarized toward male forces and to restore harmony within society we need to uplift and create Goddess energy. Steven sees the Creator of All as having both male and female genders. He also sees the reflection of this divineness in every Human expression.

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