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If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

- Red Adair

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Design. Different.
At dreamLogic, we're working toward higher web standards.

In a meeting with a new client to discuss expanding on the website for his business, I ask him to describe his most pressing concerns about the current site. He says:

"The contact form doesn't work, it's never worked. My customers can't get in touch with me after hours. The web designer that built it is really good, but I can never get ahold of him. He never returns my calls. He says he will get it fixed, but it doesn't happen. Also..."

We hope you've never experienced a relationship like this. Unfortunately, it is all too common. At dreamLogic, we strive to establish strong relationships with our clients. If we say it will be done, it will be.

Mission Statement
Web design and development excellence

The mission of dreamLogic is create technically solid, high-quality, beautiful web sites; provide outstanding customer service; and demonstrate through our work a transparent interfacing of form and function. We believe that a commercial web design is successful when it does more than market your product or services - it serves the needs of the end user: your customers.

We employ the industry-established best practices in the building of usable, accessible, and search engine optimized web sites. Don't take our word for it, validate this page.

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1547 Bryan Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105